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MPL Benefits

1. Turn Your PC into an Automatic Money Machine! ...& Downline Builder... 365/24/7...

2. The MPL Automatic Marketing System (MAMS) can provide you with phenomenal Leverage -- by promoting just this One Page (your customized version), you can generate Multiple Growing Income Streams!

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4. Use MAMS to promote any Primary Program(s) of your choice! (Three basic ways: (1) Build your MPL downline and treat it as a list to promote to; (2) Use the Marketing Programs we feature; (3) Use the Traffic Exchange Programs we feature.)

5. BGRSS may be among the most powerful personal success systems ever devised, because you can use it to identify the most important things to focus on to increase your future success. (If you've tried other success systems, and were disappointed, be sure to check out BGRSS!) Focusing on doing the things that provide you with the biggest returns for the effort you expend, gives you much more Leverage!

6. If, in the past, you've been disappointed with the lack of performance of most of your downline members, you may find that some of them will be able to become more successful if you introduce them to MPL. This could make a huge difference to your earnings. It could provide you with much more Leverage!

7. MPL provides you with the potential for "Unlimited Depth Earnings" with all the moneymaking programs featured on this page, as well as with any of your Primary Program(s) you promote via MAMS. This adds more Leverage to your earning ability!

8. Besides wealth, you may also be able to apply aspects of BGRSS to become healthier and happier... and to live longer!

How the MPL Automatic Marketing System (MAMS) provides you with "Unlimited Depth Earnings!"

As an example, JustBeenPaid! (JBP) effectively pays on 1 level. MAMS enables you to get paid indefinitely deep for JBP, as well as for all the other moneymaking programs on this page!

The MAMS provides you with the potential to get paid indefinitely deep (to an unlimited number of downline levels) for all these programs!

How is this possible?

As your MPL downline grows, it's very likely that some people in your MPL downline will not join all the programs featured on this page. Some MPL members have downlines that are 20 levels deep or more! Many of them have not joined all the programs featured on this page.

MPL uses a system called "referral flow-through." What this amounts to is that when MPL members are presented with a referral URL of a back-end program, they are given the referral URL of the nearest person in their MPL upline who has joined the program and entered his/her referral ID in MPL.

MPL members who don't join a back-end program (and don't enter their referral ID in MPL), are effectively "skipped" or "jumped over." This "skipping factor" creates the potential for you to be paid indefinitely deep with any of the MPL back-end programs you've joined (and for which you've entered your referral IDs in MPL)!

This can dramatically increase your earnings potential with the MPL back-end programs you've joined!

Mechanical Actions for Success

The mechanical steps are relatively simple:

  1. Join as many of the programs on this page as you like. (If you've already joined any of them, you don't have to join them again.)
  2. Join MonsterPreLaunch (MPL) (if you're not already a member).
  3. Enter your referral details for the programs you've joined in MPL.
  4. Upgrade your favorite programs to "paid status" as appropriate.
  5. Send Interested Visitors to your automatically customized version of this page.

That's it! Just do #1, #2, #3, #4 & #5... and the money rolls in!

For many, #5 is the Big Challenge! You may be able to use the MPL Automatic Marketing System to Improve Your "#5 Skills!"

The "Inverted Pyramid" Challenge

Many programs provide theoretical projections along these lines:

5 people (1st level)
25 people (2nd level)
125 people (3rd level)
625 people (4th level)
3,125 people (5th level)

Or even:

10 people (1st level)
100 people (2nd level)
1,000 people (3rd level)
10,000 people (4th level)
100,000 people (5th level).

Then they calculate how much you can earn, based on such projections.

In practice, it often looks like this:

You (if you're highly productive)
100 people (1st level)
20 people (2nd level)
5 person (3rd level)
1 people (4th level)
0 people (5th level).

Suppose you become highly productive, and you get one highly productive person on each of your first 4 levels. Now your downline might look like this:

100 people (1st level)
120 people (2nd level)
120 people (3rd level)
120 people (4th level)
120 people (5th level).

Suppose you get two highly productive people on each of your first 4 levels. Now your downline might look like this:

100 people (1st level)
220 people (2nd level)
240 people (3rd level)
260 people (4th level)
280 people (5th level).

By regularly communicating with your downline members and sending them to your customized version of this page, you may be able to achieve a downline with a pyramid shape.

Can you imagine and/or calculate what difference this would make to your earnings?

Personal Development (PerDev)

Consider Four Formulas:

#1: Bad Driver + Bad Vehicle = Crash

#2: Bad Driver + Good Vehicle = Crash

#3: Good Driver + Bad Vehicle = Crash

#4: Good Driver + Good Vehicle = Success!

The term "vehicle" refers to a program you "work," a product or service you sell, or a website you use to generate income in some other way.

So, to become successful at online moneymaking, you need to be a driver good enough to create a "Good Driver + Good Vehicle" solution.

Can you see that the Driver is the deciding factor? (A good driver can usually find a good vehicle! Also, a good driver knows that good vehicles can break down and/or go bad.)

During a TV appearance, legendary investor Warren Buffett was asked what he regarded as the most important thing people could do to become more successful. He said that you, yourself, are your own greatest asset; the more you invest in yourself, the better!

Note what Mike Dillard says about: "Success is 90% mental (getting your head right), and 10% mechanical (executing the business)."

Our second page is devoted mainly to personal development, in the form of our Basic Get-Real Success System section.

A most important self-development concept is "Make-or-Break Issue" (MBI). An MBI is something that tends to keep you stuck, and that you need to handle first if you want to become successful. If your car's engine is broken down, a new paint job won't get your car to run. The engine needs to be fixed first! (Many of the products and services that comprise the "self-help" / "self-improvement" / "self actualization" industry are really "attempted new paint jobs" that don't work very well for most people!

Another important self-development concept is Dr. Eliyahu M. Goldratt's "Theory of Constraints" -- if you fail in your attempts to make money online, there are factors that constrain you. Could be lack of marketing knowledge and skills. Could be that you need to devote 10 times more time to becoming successful, compared to the time you're currently spending.

Google "Theory of Constraints" for more details. There's a book on this topic: The Flip Side: Break Free of the Behaviors That Hold You Back by Flip Flippen.

You may want to look over the bottom half of this page to see if something "jumps out at you." There may be one or two things that constrain you most. What, if you were to handle it, would provide you with the greatest benefits most quickly and least expensively? See also:

Level of Competence

Regarding online moneymaking, your level of competence can be seen as somewhere on a scale with Very Good Driver at the top and Very Bad Driver at the bottom. (Some Bad Drivers deceive themselves that they're Good Drivers. If you're making lots of money online, you're high on the scale; if you're not making money, then you're low on the scale. Don't kid yourself!)

Legendary businessman J.F. (Jim) Straw once wrote an article in which he said that only about 2% of people in business succeed. He effectively said that for the other 98% to succeed, they need to let go or overcome their Mediocrity.

Mediocrity is the "territory" below your Success Threshold. If you've been struggling to make money online, you may be able to apply the Success Techniques to rise above your Success Threshold!

Two Potent Failure Formulas:

#1: "I Can't = Failure

#2: Incompetene + Arrogance = Disaster

See PCAPS and Identify Your Failure Formula(s)!

Marketing & Moneymaking Power

The 98% who try to make money online but typically fail, could benefit from a solution. You may be in a position to provide them with a better solution than they can find anywhere else. Join MPL (and some of the other programs featured on this page), get your customized version of this page, and Send Visitors to It! (Most of the time, the 98% don't find any solutions elsewhere!)

Can you appreciate the Moneymaking Power you can Gain by Sending Visitors to your Customized Version of this Page?

See also: Learn to Market.

Cracking the Code

In his book Multiple Streams of Income Robert Allen talks about "cracking the code." As prime example he gives the phrase "Nothing Down" which has been used to generate hundreds of millions in sales. The phrase "Nothing Down" is a "code" that appeals to people. Such a powerful "code" can make a huge difference to the response rates you get from your marketing efforts.

Above is the Alexa traffic chart for JustBeenPaid! (JBP). If this chart stays at a relatively high level or rises dramatically, it would indicate that JBP has "Cracked the Code!"

Cracking the Code Stacks the Deck in Your Favor!

Sometimes, a newly-launched program takes off like a rocket. Initially, a number of heavy hitters promote it to their lists. After a while their marketing tapers off and program growth slows down. This would result in a declining Alexa traffic chart. Mostly this is not a reason for concern. Only if the chart drops to the bottom of (or completely off) the chart, and stays very low, does it indicate that the program is stagnating or even dying.

Our #B1 MoneyMaking Program:
6 Minutes to Riches

Turn $15 one-time into an ongoing income stream. Discover additional tried and tested ways and places to advertise.

Member Poll at
6 Minutes to Riches:

Which advertising method works best?

  • #1 Method: 69%
  • #2 Method: 11%
  • #3 Method: 8%
  • #4 Method: 7%
  • #5 Method: 5%

Use MAMS to automatically build your 6 Minutes to Riches income stream. Join 6 Minutes to Riches. Then enter your 6 Minutes to Riches username in MPL.

Knowing what advertising methods and places work best can be a major factor that helps you
Rise Above Your Success Threshold!

More Marketing Programs

#1: Our Top Marketing Program is NewRichReport (NRR).

You may find that NRR is the best way to learn to market online.

#2: Free Viral

Use Free Viral for more automatic marketing.

Click Here for Free Traffic!
Click Here for your Free Traffic!

Use MAMS to automatically build your Free Viral downline. Join Free Viral. Then enter your Free Viral ID# in MPL.

#3: GRIN Marketing Team

Use GRIN Marketing Team if you want to expand your marketing efforts and income streams. In addition to providing comprehensive marketing training, GRIN has many back-end marketing programs, including some featured on this MPL page.

Marketing Training

Use MAMS to automatically build your GRIN Marketing Team downline. Join GRIN Marketing Team. Then enter your GRIN Marketing Team ID# in MPL.

#4: Pay-It-Forward 4 Profits

Pay-It-Forward 4 Profits (PIF4P) is a comprehensive marketing training program.

Use MAMS to automatically build your PIF4P downline. Join PIF4P. Then enter your PIF4P username in MPL.

#5: Bigbooster7Million

Bigbooster7Million (BB7M) is FREE listbuilder, structured as a 3-wide forced matrix. It's different from a SafeList in that members can only email their downlines once a week, 15 levels deep. So the maximum number of emails a member can get during a week is about 15. (With SafeLists, members can receive dozens or even hundreds of emails every day.) BB7M also has some features similar to those of Free Viral.

(GRIN includes several SafeLists as back-end programs.)

(BB7M has been neglected for several years, but it is completely functional. Expect BB7M to be revamped during 2009.

Use MAMS to automatically build your BB7M downline. Join BB7M. Then enter your BB7M username in MPL.

#6: Traffic Testers

Traffic Testers

A big challenges of the Internet is that it provides you with virtually infinite choices. If you Google "advertising" you get over 400 million results. So there may be as many as 100 million places and ways to advertise. What if 99% of these places and ways don't work for what you're trying to advertise?

It's quite possible that you could spend a lot of time and money trying to advertise in various places and ways... and at the end of it you have nothing to show for your time, money, and/or efforts.

This is where TrafficTesters (TT) comes to the rescue. They provide you with places and ways to advertise that have been tested. They tell you what works and how well it works. They also tell you what hasn't worked.

A TT subscription costs just $25 per month. How much is it worth to you to know where and how to advertise and where and how not to advertise?

Knowing what advertising methods and places work best can be a major factor that helps you
Rise Above Your Success Threshold!

TT has an affiliate program that pays 50% commission. Sponsor 2 people, and they almost pay for your subscription. Sponsor 3 and you're in profit?

There are probably tens of millions of people trying to make money online. About 98% of them have little or no success. What if the ability to quickly find places and ways to advertise that work turns out to be the most important factor that propels them from failure to success?

Traffic Testers

Use MAMS to automatically generate your TT sales. Join Traffic Testers as an affiliate. Then enter your TT ID# in MPL.

Personal Development
& Training Programs

#1: Magnetic Sponsoring

Mike Dillard, Founder of Magnetic Sponsoring, became an "Online Success Giant." To find out how he did it, see Increase Your Desire for Success!

Magnetic Sponsoring

Free Videos Reveal How You Can Generate Endless Leads And Build Any Home Business, Even If You're On A Budget!” -- Click for Details!

FREE 60 Minute Training Video Reveals How To Sponsor 20 Reps A Month With ANY Company!” -- Click for Details!

"The greatest benefit this industry provides is not the money, the time, or even the friendships. It's what this industry can make of you -- the Person You Become." -- Mike Dillard

Use MAMS to automatically generate your Magnetic Sponsoring sales. Join Magnetic Sponsoring. Then enter your Magnetic Sponsoring username in MPL.

#2: Thirty Day Challenge

Take advantage of FREE top-notch online training -- and/or make it available to your contacts. Frederick Mann's sponsor emailed him (edited):

"It goes through everything step by step with videos. The goal is for a person to make their first dollar online. It may be something you'd like to add to your website, if you haven't seen it already.

I'm recommending this as someone who is still going through the training. I find it to be everything as advertised, and more. It's the first thing I've come across that breaks down everything into bite-sized steps, a day at a time, although becoming competent in it will certainly take me more than 30 days -- but it's a start. I look forward to the time in my day when I do a lesson. I'm having fun with it!

There is no forced purchasing, where a person is forced to buy something in order to complete the course. Ed (the presenter) seems to be sincere, and he says he does this one month of the year to give something back to the community, as he makes plenty of money the other 11 months. So his motives are sound, in my opinion.

Using your "Internet baby" analogy (see "Discover & Confront Where You Are"), I would say this course could take a person from laying on their back, or maybe crawling, to taking their first faltering steps. That may not sound like much, but when you think about it, that may be the toughest ground to cover."

Use MAMS to automatically earn credits by inviting people to Thirty Day Challenge. Join Thirty Day Challenge for FREE. Then enter your Thirty Day Challenge ID# in MPL.

#3: Simpleology

From Simpleology you can learn to Take the Actions that will Lead to Success!

Join Simpleology 101 for FREE. If you become an Affiliate, enter your Simpleology Username in MPL and use MAMS to automatically generate Simpleology customers for you.

#4: Think Right Now!

The Most Visited Personal Development Product Site On The Internet

"Burn The Thoughts, Beliefs and Attitudes of the Happiest, Most Effective People Into Your Mind and You'll Feel Great, You'll Do What Works and You'll Achieve Success!"

Check out Think Right Now! If you become an Affiliate, enter your Think Right Now! ID# in MPL and use MAMS to automatically generate Think Right Now! sales for you.

#5: Kaizen Club

Small personal upgrades evey day can pay huge dividends! "Kaizen" basically means gradual improvement through small steps. You can try out the Kaizen Club for just $1 for the first week. Spend $1 and get a bonus package worth $3,797!

Check out how kaizen fits into our "Master Success Principle!"

Check out Kaizen Club! If you become an Affiliate, enter your Kaizen Club ID in MPL and use MAMS to automatically generate Kaizen Club registrations for you.

#6: Callahan Techniques -- Thought Field Therapy (TFT)

It's a FREE affiliate program, paying 25% commissions!

Dr. Roger Callahan developed "Thought Field Therapy" (TFT) to address a wide range of health issues, including emotional and psychological well-being, heart health, and cancer. A number of self-help products are available, enabling you to assume personal responsibility for your health.

Dr. Callahan has also made major contributions to Overcoming Psychological Reversal and Self-Sabotage.

If you've been trying for some time to make money online with little or no success, it could be because you've been sabotaging yourself as a result of psychological reversal. Utilizing the Callahan Techniques -- Thought Field Therapy (TFT) may be the best solution for you!

Check out the Callahan Techniques! If you become an Affiliate, enter your Callahan Techniques Affiliate ID# in MPL and use MAMS to automatically generate Callahan Techniques sales and commissionsfor you.

For some people, the most important factor that has been preventing their success may be Psychological Reversal and Self-Sabotage. This may be their most important "Make-or-Break Issue" -- the factor they need to address first if they want to become more successful.

If you haven't yet done so,
Join MPL for FREE!

Note: All MPL Members automatically receive a customized referral page like this one -- as well as a number of Splash Pages -- to help you promote this page and its Programs & Success Techniques. The links to access and join the Programs are customized to your Referral URLs when you enter your Program IDs in the MPL Member Area under "Back-End Programs."

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Question: Why Should I Read these Pages?

Answer #1: If you're one of the approximately 98% of people trying to make money online, who have enjoyed little or no success, then You May Find Better Solutions to Your Moneymaking Challenges Here, than Anywhere Else in the World!

Answer #2: If you're one of the approximately 2% of people who've enjoyed considerable success making money online, you may have experienced some disappointment and frustration with the lack of success of most of your downline members. You can send them to your customized version of this page. Some of them are likely to become more successful as a result. This will tend to increase both their and your own earnings. Some People You Send to Your Customized Version of this Page May Be Thankful to You for the Rest of Their Lives!

Question: I Understand that about 98% of People Trying to Make Money Online Enjoy Little or No Success. What Solutions Do You Provide to this Challenge?

Answer: Some "98%ers" can actually succeed with certain programs that require no sponsoring (and where earnings don't depend on spillover) such as those in the "MPL Easy-Money System."

Another part of our solution is to Find Programs for which the Code has been Cracked!

If increasingly large numbers of people are promoting a program, this shows up as a rising Alexa traffic chart. (If the chart levels off at a high level, this indicates that large numbers of people continue to promote the program.)

JustBeenPaid! is a great example of a Program for which the Code has been Cracked. The Alexa Chart for JBP suggests that significant numbers of people may be succeeding with the program.

Question: What's the Third Part of Your Solution?

Answer: A moneymaking program can be regarded as a "Vehicle that needs a Driver." Success requires the Combination of a Good Driver plus a Good Vehicle. This is further described in our Personal Development (PerDev) section.

Question: I understand that to make money with most programs, I would have to sponsor people, and that involves marketing. Do you offer a solution for people who don't want to get involved with marketing, selling, recruiting, and/or sponsoring?

Answer: Yes. See the "MPL Integrated Moneymaking System", the "MPL Easy-Money System", and the "MPL Easy-Marketing System."

Question: I Don't Want to Be Tied Down, Having to Surf Every Day; What Else Do You Offer?

Answer: You can make money with programs like JustBeenPaid! (JBP) and 6 Minutes to Riches without doing any surfing.

However, a better solution may be to organize things so you have a family member, friend, or business partner surf on your brhalf on those days when it's inconvenient for you to do the surfing yourself.

Question: What is MPL and How Does It Work?

Answer: MPL is short for MonsterPreLaunch. You could call MPL a "MetaProgram." It's ONE, FREE program you can use to participate in and promote a number of other programs. The "other programs" can be regarded as "Back-End Programs" to MPL.

Conceptually, MPL is similar to the Grin Marketing Team program, which can also be understood as a MetaProgram with multiple Back-End Programs.

By promoting just MPL, you can automatically promote as many of the Back-End Programs as you like. You can also use MPL as a "Generic Marketing System" to promote your own "Primary Program(s)."

When you Join MPL, you automatically get your own customized version of this page (the one you're looking at now), as well as MPL's other splash/referral pages. To get your customized versions, you first Join MPL for FREE!

Then you log into your MPL account, find the Back-End Programs you have joined under "Back-End Programs," and enter your Back-End Program IDs in MPL. You can join any of the Back-End Programs featured on this page at any time and then enter their referral IDs in MPL.

If you're already a member of any of the programs mentioned on this page, you don't have to join them again. Simply log into your MPL account and enter your program ID#s or usernames under "Back-End Programs."

Question: Do I Have to Join All the Programs Featured on this Page?

Answer: You can join as few or as many of the programs as you like. If you don't want to surf, you don't have to join any of the surf programs. If you do want to surf, the more surf programs you join the better. You can join them for FREE! For those you join, you need to enter your ID#s (or usernames) in MPL.

Question: I Find the Volume and Complexity of All This Confusing and Overwhelming; There are Thousands of Websites that Tell Me How Easy It Is to Make Money with their Systems; Why Do You Make Things so Complicated?

Answer #1: Many websites are primarily designed to take your money. Typically, what they offer doesn't work for about 98% of their customers (victims?) -- we try to provide solutions that give "98%ers" at least a chance for success.

Answer #2: We've identified Confusion and Overwhelm as two important reasons so many people fail at making money online. These and other factors are comprehensively addressed in our Sucess Techniques!.

The worst thing you can do when the road to success seems confusing and overwhelming is to just give up. Our solution to this challenge is the One-Small-Step Booster!.

Question: Does this system also have a social or humanitarian purpose?

Answer: Yes. In addition to "Personal Competence and Power Shift (PCAPS)" below, see Project "Learn to Think!".

Personal Competence and Power Shift (PCAPS)

"If you deliberately plan to be less than you are capable of being, then I warn you that you will be deeply unhappy for the rest of your life. You will be evading your own capacities, your own possibilities." -- Abraham Maslow

Personal Incompetence & Powerlessness

Edited from an email from "R.T." to Frederick Mann:

"In all I've tried, I haven't made anything work. I'm not worth s_ _t for anything.

I cannot...

  • Find qualifed leads/prospects;
  • Sponsor/recruit anyone into anything;
  • Market, locate, refer, sign-up, teach, mentor, or anything.

I've been searching, reading, and studying. I've seen sooooooooooo much, but I still know nothing!

I'm sad, depressed, obsessed, and fruitless...

I respectfully ask for your help. Can you help me... make more money? If you can, show me, I will do my part." -- R.T.

Personal Competence and Power Shift (PCAPS)

The purpose of these pages (see "Navigation Bar" above) is to provide the means to enable at least some of the "R.T.s" of the world to SHIFT so they become more like "S.C.s" -- so they make lots of money! ...and enjoy healthier & happier lives!

R.T. represents the "98% who typically fail to make money online" (though, most "98%ers" are probably in better shape than R.T.).

S.C. represents the "2% who typically succeed at making money online."

There are two kinds of factors that separate "R.T.s" (or "98%ers") from "S.C.s" (or "2%ers"):

  1. Intellectual, Psychological & Emotional Barriers;
  2. Knowledge & Skills.

PCAPS (Personal Competence and Power Shift) has to do with (1) Overcoming Intellectual, Psychological & Emotional Barriers; and (2) Acquiring Knowledge & Skills. See Personal Development, the "Navigation Bar" above, and the rest of this page.

S.C. Provides an example of someone who made his own PCAPS (Personal Competence and Power Shift). For four more notable examples, see:

  1. Mike Dillard;
  2. John Reese;
  3. Mike Brescia;
  4. How a Truck Driver became Financially Independent.

Personal Competence & Power

Edited from an email from "S.C." to Frederick Mann:

"I discovered your websites two years ago. At that point I was almost $20,000 in debt (my girlfriend was minus $50,000). I was convinced I had been effectively converted to slave status... Within two months I stopped all collection action on my girlfriend's debt. Within a year my own debt was completely eliminated and no longer did I view myself as a slave. As I approach the two-year anniversary [of my discovery of your websites], I can report that I now have $50,000 working for me, primarily offshore. My debt is zero! ...I'm not going to pretend that I owe it all to Frederick Mann or his websites, but at the same time... I can only encourage everyone to study diligently,, and their recommended readings." -- S.C.

Victim Mentality

Personal Competence and Power Shift (PCAPS)

Champion Mentality

Your Win-Lose Switch

Your Win-Lose Switch

Consider that you have a master "win-lose switch" in your mind. It's a graduated switch like those used for big direct-current electric motors. Rather than just "on" and "off" settings, it's a graduated switch with eleven settings from "0" to "10."

If you set your master switch to "zero," you are completely turned off -- a total loser. R.T. (above left), at the time he wrote his email, had set his "win-lose switch" to "zero!" The consequence is no money. The "98%ers" (who typically make little or no money online,) have set their "win-lose switches" to low levels.

If you set your master switch to "ten," you are the complete winner. S.C. (above right), at the time he wrote his email, had set his "win-lose switch" to a high level. The consequence is lots of money. The "2%ers" (who typically make good money online,) have set their "win-lose switches" to high levels.

How do you move your switch to a higher setting? In the case of the big DC motor, as the switch is turned up, more electricity is supplied and the motor runs faster. How do you turn up your switch, become more energetic, and take more effective action? See Personal Development, the "Navigation Bar" above, and the rest of this page.

Of course, there isn't just one master switch that measures the extent to which you win or lose in life. You can think in terms of a win-lose switch in every area of your life you care to specify. For example, you can think in terms of your health win-lose switch, your relationship win-lose switch, your Internet money-making win-lose switch, etc.

Your "Personal Competence and Power Shift (PCAPS)" consists of the Actions You Take to move your win-lose switches to higher levels. This may involve Shifting from a Victim Mentality to a Champion Mentality!

MPL and this Page

The Grin Marketing Team basically works the same way as MPL, but GRIN is structured and explained better. So, if you study GRIN and understand it, you should also understand MPL! (Within a month or so, MPL will be relaunched with a better name and an improved member area.)

Can you now understand the main benefits you can gain by utilizing MAMS?

Can you see that, for the programs (on this page) you've joined and entered your referral details for them in MPL, every interested visitor you send to this page can potentially join multiple programs under you? Can you appreciate the moneymaking power this gives you?

Can you see that, for the programs (on this page page) you don't join (or don't enter your referral details for them in MPL), some of the visitors you send to this page may join these programs under someone in your upline, skipping you? Can you appreciate How MAMS can provide you with "Unlimited Depth Earnings?"

Can you now read and understand the top half of this page?

Can you see that even a relatively minor improvement in the effectiveness of your downlines could produce a substantial increase in your earnings? What happens if, instead of about 2% of your downline members being successful, the percentage goes up to 5-10%, or even higher?

Suppose you sponsor just one person who can utilize BGRSS and MPL to become an effective online moneymaker. This could eventually result in hundreds or even thousands of people in your downlines... and enough money to retire!

Can you see that MPL and BGRSS provide you with this kind of potential?

Learn to Market

Types of Marketing

You can make a distinction between "front-end" or "primary" marketing and "back-end" or "secondary" marketing.

The main purpose of Primary Marketing is to add prospects to your list(s). You do Primary Marketing to strangers and visitors to your web pages. You can offer them something free to induce them to "opt in" to your list(s). You may also get them to sign up for a free program that provides you access to their contact details. MPL is such a program.

Secondary Marketing involves promoting programs and/or products (for which members and/or buyers have to pay) REPEATEDLY to you list(s).

Promoting programs and/or products (for which members and/or buyers have to pay) to starngers -- without providing them with a free option to opt in -- is generally very inefficient. You basically get one shot at getting them to buy/pay. If they don't buy/pay, you usually never see them again.

Realize that the Internet is populated by tens of millions of wannabe moneymakers. About 98% of them are not making significant money. You're in a position to provide them with a way to become successful. Many of the programs featured on this page have forums. You can join the programs and their forums and post messages about how members may be able to utilize MPL to become more successful with their own programs (be sure to abide by the posting rules).

You can learn some important aspects of marketing by Joining 6 Minutes to Riches and studying its marketing training information. 6RM has sections for:

  1. "I'm a Beginner";
  2. "I'm Broke";
  3. "Intermediate";
  4. "Experienced"; and
  5. "Site Construction" (setting up your own website).

Thirty Day Challenge provides excellent FREE training.

Traffic Testers provides you with places to advertise that have been tested.

The Grin Marketing Team and Pay-It-Forward 4 Profits both provide excellent step-by-step marketing training. Also check out the other Marketing Programs.

You may be able to use the GEA Approach to snag a heavy hitter or two!

You can join some major Social Network sites. In each of your Profiles, you could include a prominent MAMS Notice, with a link to your customized version of this page!

For most people, the single most important online moneymaking skill is to send interested visitors to a web page like this one. To the extent that you apply BGRSS, you can acquire this skill. The more you elevate your PerDev, the more money you can earn. GO FOR IT!

Moneymaking Programs

The simplest program featured on this page is Free Viral. So it may be worth attempting to understand as much as you need to about how Free Viral works. Join Free Viral by performing the setup steps. If necessary, get someone familiar with online programs to sit next to you at your computer to assist you.

If you're already a member of any of the programs featured on this page, you don't have to join them again. Simply enter your referral IDs/usernames for them in MPL.

How much can you figure out about how Free Viral works? How much do you need to understand?

Next, how do you use or "work" Free Viral? In addition to using your dictionary where necessary, you may need to get someone familiar with online programs to sit next to you at your computer to assist you.

If you experience feelings of frustration, anger, helplessness, etc., you may want to use EFT to overcome them.

It may also be necessary to apply OSSB to gradually increase your understanding to the point that you can use Free Viral successfully.

It may also be worth Getting Expert Assistance!.

Next, you could join a few of the surf programs in the "MPL Easy-Money System." You can use them to learn to surf and to promote something automatically.

You could surf more than program at the same time, toggling between them.

If you haven't yet done so, Join MPL, log into your MPL account, find the programs you've joined under "Back-End Programs" in your MPL member area, and enter your referral IDs/usernames for each program.

Repeat the above for 6 Minutes to Riches. You'll need a PayPal account to make your three $5 payments. Then enter your 6 Minutes to Riches username in MPL.

Next you could join JustBeenPaid! (JBP). You'll need an AlertPay account for JBP. Fund your AlertPay account and make your $5 and $15 payments. Be sure to enter your referral IDs for programs in MPL under "Back-End Programs."

(6 Minutes to Riches also includes training on getting your own domain.)

Note that 6 Minutes to Riches involve one-time payments. This means that your risk or downside is limited. You combine small risk with high potential. This is an important consideration when deciding which programs you join.

See also Cracking the Code!

Another consideration is how payments are made. 6 Minutes to Riches and JustBeenPaid! have member-to-member payments. You don't depend on the company to pay you. You also don't have to wait for the company to pay you.

By now, presuming that you've checked out some of the contents of the member areas of the above programs, you should have a reasonable understanding of how they work. You may also have started promoting some of them individually. You can use the "MPL Easy-Marketing System."

You may also want to consider joining all the other programs featured on this page. Joining the Grin Marketing Team and studying the GRIN program should give you a good idea of how MPL works. For all the programs (featured on this MPL page) you join, enter your referral details for them in MPL.

Hopefully, you now understand enough about these programs to join as many as appropriate for you, and to make some money!

Check out The "Inverted Pyramid" Challenge

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