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Million Dollar Challenge

We're looking for a select few individuals with the courage to accept the "$1 Million Challenge." The basic skill you need to earn $1,000,000 is to Move Forward and Follow Through. It's similar to walking from point A to point B. You keep on taking the next step... until you reach your destination.

Along the way, you may get discouraged. You may even get to "places" where you feel lost. We're available to guide and support you, and help you through the difficult parts of the journey.

If you really want to earn $1,000,000 -- and you're BRAVE enough to start moving forward toward your destination of earning $1,000,000... start utilizing the programs on this page...

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The MPL Integrated Moneymaking System (MIMS) provides you with a combination of programs almost anyone can use, not only to make money online, but to eventually earn a fulltime income -- even $1,000,000 or more!

Some of the programs have no sponsoring requirements. Some can be joined for FREE. You can literally get going without spending or risking your own money. You can build a substantial income.

Some great marketing programs are included. Use them to learn to market, so as to increase your earnings.

See "Cracking the Code!"

(Some Alexa statistics may be unreliable.)

The above Alexa traffic chart reflects JBP's STRONG GROWTH. In general, you're better off joining a program whose traffic is growing with an uptrend. This may indicate that the program is enjoying increasing market acceptance and that it's relatively easy to market.

#1 MIMS Program: JustBeenPaid! (JBP)

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Moneymaking Breakthrough
of the Decade!

JustBeenPaid! (JBP) is the program "the market has been waiting for." It has no sponsoring requirements. It enables online moneymakers to earn as passive members if they don't want to recruit or sponsor.

JustBeenPaid! (JBP) can be regarded as a General-Purpose Downline Builder. It can be utilized to make more money with practically any other program, product, or service. JBP can be used as a Catalyst to accelerate your moneymaking.

The initial payment system is AlertPay. So, get your account ready for action! (Additional payment systems will be added later.)

JBP was developed by MPL personnel, and is operated by MPL personnel.

Think of an Anchor Program as a "Cash-Cow Program" that forms part of the foundation of your Financial Independence Structure. Make JustBeenPaid! your most important Anchor Program!

We regard JBP as an extremely safe program -- low downside risk and unlimited upside potential.

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JBP's Synergy Surf

(Note: JBP's Synergy Surf is part of the JustBeenPaid! program and is expected to launch during the second half of June, 2010. Meanwhile, you can join JBP and build your downline to maximize your earnings when JSS launches.)

Our Cash Exploder System to Market JustBeenPaid! (JBP)

Cash Exploder

JustBeenPaid! Endorsement

Vernon Folkes

My name is Vernon Folkes. I have a 35-year comprehensive product design background, supporting major automotive companies in Europe and the USA. My positions have included: design engineer, engineering manager, sales and marketing, and strategic business consultant.

I have investigated the JustBeenPaid! concept and specifications thoroughly I'm satisfied that JustBeenPaid! is a legitimate business with a business model that will work, and with the expertise behind it to make it work and make everybody in the "food chain" some real money.

I firmly believe that JustBeenPaid! will be highly lucrative. That's why I've chosen to make this one of my primary business programs.

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#2 MIMS Program: The Ultimate SuperTip (UST).

See "Cracking the Code!"

(Some Alexa statistics may be unreliable.)

Easily Get...

$10 and $37 Payments

Streaming into Your PayPal & AlertPay Accounts!

The basic product related to The Ultimate SuperTip (UST) is a most amazing FREE viral e-book. You can download this treasure without even having to provide your email address!

When we were little kids, we used to play a game at birthday parties.

We'd sit around in a circle, passing around a big parcel as music played in the background.

When the music stopped, the person holding the parcel would peel off the outer 'layer' -- and find a token he or she could exchange for a gift.

Squeals of delight would shake the room as one child after another got a lovely present.

And today, when I saw this new breakthrough product Harvey Segal (a.ka. Mr.Clickbank) has released, it reminded me of this... with one tiny difference: All the Goodies Are for ME!

It's the work of a masterful genius:

Get Your Copy of The Ultimate SuperTip (UST) -- at NO COST!

UST can be used as a great way to build your JustBeenPaid! (JBP) downline. When you get paid via PayPal and AlertPay, you get the email addresses of your customers. You can follow up with them, thank them for their purchase, and promote JBP to them.

In this way, you can utilize UST to promote JBP as a catalyst to speed up your moneymaking!

Use MIMS (the MPL Integrated Moneymaking System) to automatically generate UST sales for you. Join The Ultimate SuperTip. Then enter your UST referral ID in MPL.

#3 MIMS Program: ClixSense (CLS).

See "Cracking the Code!"

(Some Alexa statistics may be unreliable.)

The above Alexa traffic chart reflects CLS's HIGH TRAFFIC LEVEL, suggesting that CLS works and is profitable for its members.

ClixSense (CLS) is a "Paid-to-Click" Marketing Program. Members click on links (including yours) and earn varying amounts per click.

You can upgrade for just $10 a year.

CLS has a referral system that pays you up to 8 levels deep. This can enable you to earn a great deal.

CLS is a great way to automatically build your JustBeenPaid! (JBP) downline. (You can also use CLS to promote practically any other program.)

You can utilize CLS to promote JBP as a catalyst to speed up your moneymaking!

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#4 MIMS Program: DonkeyMails (DOM).

See "Cracking the Code!"

(Some Alexa statistics may be unreliable.)

The above Alexa traffic chart reflects DOM's HIGH TRAFFIC LEVEL, suggesting that DOM works and is profitable for its members.

DonkeyMails (DOM) is an Advertising Program with a range of options, including "Paid-to-Click," "Manual Surf," and "Reading Emails." Members basically view advertisements (including yours) and earn varying amounts per view.

DOM has a range of upgrade options; the most expensive is $15 a month.

DOM has a referral system that pays you up to 5 levels deep. This can enable you to earn a great deal.

DOM is a great way to automatically build your JustBeenPaid! (JBP) downline. (You can also use DOM to promote practically any other program.)

You can utilize DOM to promote JBP as a catalyst to speed up your moneymaking!

Join DonkeyMails (DOM) -- for FREE! Then decide if you want to upgrade.

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#5 MIMS Program: MatrixMails (MAM).

See "Cracking the Code!"

(Some Alexa statistics may be unreliable.)

The above Alexa traffic chart reflects MAM's TRAFFIC LEVEL, suggesting that MAM is reasonably workable and profitable for its members.

Matrixmails (MAM) is an Advertising Program with a wide range of advertising options. Members basically view advertisements (including yours) and earn varying amounts per view.

MAM has a range of upgrade options; upgrading with one of the "gold packages" is recommended, because of increased earnings.

MAM has a "junior matrix" and a "grand matrix" -- they can earn you thousands more!

MAM is a great way to automatically build your JustBeenPaid! (JBP) downline. (You can also use MAM to promote practically any other program.)

You can utilize MAM to promote JBP as a catalyst to speed up your moneymaking!

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Below are one or more investment programs we recommend. They are passive programs with no requirements to sponsor, surf, or do any work. To reduce the risk of unbearable losses and to maximize profits, consider applying the following rules:

  1. Do your homework -- considerable background information on the investment programs, as well as details of their track records, can be found at ASA Forum > NON HYIP DISCUSSION > Investment Non-HYIP.
  2. Don't risk more than you can afford to lose.
  3. Diversify funds among several programs.
  4. Withdraw some profits to reach breakeven in a reasonable period.
  5. Compound some profits to increase your future earnings.
  6. Optionally, sponsor people and earn referral commissions to increase your earnings.

See "Cracking the Code!"

(Some Alexa statistics may be unreliable.)

That OCN seems to be a "low-key sleeper" doesn't detract from its merits as a passive investment vehicle.

#6 MIMS Program -- Passive Investment: OceanSide Network (OCN).

Make Money

OCN is a non-HYIP investment program that has a good track record of performing and paying. Be sure to Watch the OCN Video. (Note that OCN has dropped GlobalNPN as its associated network marketing company.)

OCN pays a $5 per month referral bonus for all personally enrolled members plus a 5% software leasing bonus each month its system has positive results. So if you have personally enrolled members who have privately invested $10,000 in total and the system yields 5% for the month or $500, then you would be paid 5% on the $500 or $25. Plus you would get the $5 for each personally enrolled member.

Think of an Anchor Program as a "Cash-Cow Program" that forms part of the foundation of your Financial Independence Structure. Make Oceanside Network one of your Anchor Programs!

We regard OCN as a medium-risk program.

Use MIMS (the MPL Integrated Moneymaking System) to automatically build your OCN downline. Join Oceanside Network. Then enter your OCN referral ID in MPL.


Don't get overwhelmed by the number of programs and volume of information on this page.

The Circle of Certainty
-- Holy Grail of Marketing

Anthony Robbins, John Reese, and Frank Kerns Discover and Discuss the Holy Grail of Internet Marketing -- Sherm Mason puts The Circle of Certainty to the Test. Unbelievable... results are amazing...

You can start making money by utilizing just one or two programs.

Once you've started making money, and you're handling the "work" comfortably (it should require relativey little time once you've set things up), you can start thinking about extending your moneymaking and marketing activities.

Marketing to sponsor people into investment programs is important. It enables you to earn more. It also enables you to reach a brekeven point with any particular program sooner -- reducing your risk.

For best longterm results, you want to develop and grow Multiple Income Streams.

The "secret" to succeed with MIMS is that it's a "Numbers Game" -- you send enough numbers of interested visitors to a moneymaking website. A certain percentage Will Join and Earn You Money!

If you've been trying for some time to make money online with little or no success, then it's time to take stock and evaluate yourself and where you are.

If necessary, check out "The Big Success FAQ" and "What's the Difference?"

See "Cracking the Code!"

(Some Alexa statistics may be unreliable.)

The above Alexa traffic chart is a STRONG INDICATION that LR works well. (Note that to be above the "6000" level means being among the top 6,000 of all websites in terms of traffic volume.)

#7 MIMS Program -- FREE -- Marketing:
LinkReferral (LR).

I've been earning a fulltime online income since 1997. One of the "secrets" to making money online is to send interested visitors (targeted traffic) to a website. LR is a great traffic generator!

LR is FREE! -- with an option to upgrade for $50 one-time. By upgrading and referring people, you can get paid.

LR is essentially a traffic exchange program that ranks websites in a directory with over 250,000 members. Members gain higher rankings for their sites by visiting sites, reviewing sites, and by participating in the forum. (Reviews are graded from A to F, so you want to be sure to take some time to research the sites you review, because poorly written reviews are removed.)

LR has an Ad Exchange Network. If you join both LR and MPL, and enter your LR ID# in MPL, then the ads displayed on your customized version of this page, will be automatically customized with your LR ID#.

Reviews of your website by other LR members can be used as feedback to improve your site.

There are "Featured Sites" on the home page. You can get your site placed in that box by referring other members. LR has a 5-level MLM-type system for displaying the featured sites. The more people you refer, the more often your site will be featured on the front page.

LR can provide a "search engine boost" to your site, depending on how high your site is ranked in LR.

Use MEMS (the MPL Easy-Money System) to automatically build your LR downline. Join LinkReferral. Then enter your LR referral ID in MPL.

FAQ on How to Use this Page

Question: What's the first thing I need to know about this page?

Answer: It's a self-replicating page. You automatically get your own customized version when you Join MPL.

After you've joined MPL, you enter the referral details for any program on this page you're already a member of in the MPL Member Area under "Back-End Programs."

Question: Do I have to join all the programs on this page?

Answer: No. You can join as many or as few as you like. For those that you join, you enter the referral details in the MPL Member Area.

Question: How are your "investment programs" different from ponzi schemes?

Answer: We do our best to identify legitimate programs, but we can't guarantee their legitimacy.

There's always a risk that an "investment program" is a ponzi from the outset, or will later become a ponzi.

There's always also a risk that, even if a program is legitimate, at some point the owners will decide to "run with the money." (Sometimes "honesty has a threshold" -- when the numbers get big enough, the temptation to run can become stronger than the honesty!)

JustBeenPaid! provides the total solution to this problem. Because it has member-to-member payments, the company never has anyone's money to run away with.

Question: Can I make money without having to market?

Answer: Yes, you can simply focus on the passive programs, and ignore the marketing programs. You can build a JBP Downline by purchasing referrals. From time to time you can tell your JBP downline what other programs you're in.

Question: What about "automatic marketing?"

Answer: You can display some of the Splash Pages of our "MPL Easy-Marketing System" in Traffic Exchanges.

Question: If I do want to market, what's the most basic thing I need to do?

Answer: You get "interested visitors" ("targeted traffic") to visit your cutomized version of this page. The marketing programs on this page provide you with a great deal of information and training on how to do this.

Question: What happens if I don't join a particular program on this page, and I send visitors to this page, and a visitor joins the program I'm not in?

Answer: MPL uses "referral flow through" -- respecting lines of sponsorship. Your visitor who joins a program you're not in, will join under the first person in your MPL upline who is a member of the program in question.

Referral flowthrough can also work in your favor. Suppose you have an MPL downline several levels deep. Further suppose that some of your MPL downline members are not in all the programs you're in. If an MPL member in your MPL downline joins a particular program, and nobody "between him or her" has joined the program, then that person will join the program in question under you.

This mechanism makes it possible for you to get paid indefinitely deep -- even with a program that pays only on one level!

Question: Are there any Splash Pages I can use to send visitors to my customized version of this page?

Answer: Yes -- see the "MPL Easy-Marketing System."

by Frederick Mann

Question: What can I do to become more successful online?

Answer: Realize that the actions you take to become successful are basically mechanical. You use your keyboard and mouse.

You can get superb FREE training from JustBeenPaid! on what actions to take and how to take these actions.

You want to take Action "A" to produce Result "R." You want to find the simplest and most direct way to do "A" in order to produce "R." Highly effective FREE training is available on how to do this. It's called Simpleology 101: The Simple Science of Getting What You Want.

What's the Difference?

Article #1

Are you interested in dramatically improving your finances (as well as the rest of your life)?

Well, I have the answer for you. It's a question:


If you ask this question at least once a day it will, over time, improve your life dramatically!

There are 2 variations:

(B) What difference will it make?

(C) What difference will it make to me?

I GUARANTEE that if you ask the question at least once a day, you'll eventually see dramatic improvements in your life.

(Some people may have to ask the question -- in one of its 3 forms -- more than once in a day.)

Article #2

The basic suggestion is that if you repeatedly ask one or more of:

(A) What's the difference?;

(B) What difference will it make?;

(C) What difference will it make to me?;

your life will improve dramatically.

In response to the first article, one person wrote:

"Your brief lesson is very striking and it is worth for a lifetime. I appreciate it very much and would like to receive more of it." -- B.K.

Another person wrote:

"...Due to the fact that I have been asking myself that question for decades, the impact is evident. As a Gestalt therapist this is one of the basic utensils used in sessions; it seems to have a fundamental significance when it is a question of quality of life..." -- B.B.

Three points may require clarification:

(A) You ask about "something" -- an object, person, situation, event, etc.

(B) You ask with an "inquiring mind" -- it's not a dismissive remark or rhetorical question.

(C) You continue asking for months, years, or even decades...

Article #3

The basic suggestion is that if you repeatedly ask one or more of:

(A) What's the difference?;

(B) What difference will it make?;

(C) What difference will it make to me?;

your life will improve dramatically.

I suspect that successful people instinctively look for differences while unsuccessful people tend to look for and focus on similarities.

If you ask the questions, you're more likely to identify what's most important.

It may help you ask "learning questions" rather than "blaming questions."

It may help you shift from a "fixed mindset" to a "learning mindset."

It may help you shift from "knowing the answers" (that keep you stuck) to learning how to succeed.

If you suffer from "excusitis," you may have found the cure.

If your brain pumps out "automatic negative thoughts," you may have found a way to overcome them.

Article #4

As a result of B.B.'s response (Article #2) I did some quick research of Gestalt Psychology.

Dictum: Contact is the experience of difference.

People fail to the extent they're "out of touch" -- they fail to make contact -- there's a (cognitive) disconnect between their actions and the results they seek.

To the extent that you identify differences, you make contact (with reality and other people).

If you persist with identifying differences, you'll eventually experience what Elliot Shapiro calls a "creative jump."

To find out more about Gestalt, Google "gestalt."

Article #5

Another variation of the question can also yield breakthrough results:

What's the difference between...?

For example, "What's the difference between a "98%er" (who earns little or no money online) and a "2%er" who earns $10,000 a month or more?

If you can answer this, you may be able to pinpoint what you need to do to elevate your earning power.

Article #6

In order to do the above, you may want to improve your langauge skills so you can think more coherently. For more on this, check out JBP's Killer Success Tricks.

Question: What if JustBeenPaid! and Simpleology are "too advanced" for me? What if I need to start with something more basic?

Answer: I've been reading, researching, and writing about success for many years. I've often had a sense that whatever I (and others) have come up with might be "too advanced" for some people. This may include most "self-improvement" books.

There may also be a "Catch-22 situation" here. What if a vital success skill is the ability to read an article or boook and implement its ideas and principles? What if, typically, unsuccessful people lack this skill? They may not be able to benefit from reading how-to information... or even from training!

Fortunately, I've found the solution: You ask, "What's the difference?" You repeatedly ask this question about anything. After doing this for some time, you can go back to what you previously found "too advanced," try it again, and assess whether it still seems "too advanced" for you. If yes, you simply return to "What's the difference?"

Question: What's the most important thing you've discovered about success?

Answer: The "Make-or-Break Issue" (MBI). In order to become more successful, there may be issues you need to handle first, before you do anything else. A car with a broken engine doesn't run. Giving a car with a broken engine a new paint job doesn't make it run. You have to fix the engine first!

One model for becoming more successful is to acquire more knowledge and skills -- to learn.

However, an important principle is that MBIs tend to override and nullify positives.

Examples of MBIs could be incompetence, procrastination, negativity, excusitis, depression and helplessness, having a victim mentality, inability to learn, and lack of persistence.

An MBI can be so severe that no matter what else you do to become more successful, will fail until you overcome the MBI.

For some people, it's quite possible that JustBeenPaid! training and Simpleology will not work because they suffer from one or more MBIs they need to handle first. See Being Stuck & Make-or-Break Issues.

Question: Are you saying that people who don't succeed online are like a car with a broken engine?

Answer: Typically, about 98% of people trying to make money online enjoy little or no success. The best training doesn't seem to work for many of them. I don't know specifically what holds them back. I speculate that it's most likely one or more MBIs.

The person who says, "I can't sell things or recruit/sponsor people," is indeed like a car with a broken engine. A potential cure for this condition is the "Why-Can-Do Booster."

Question: If unsuccessful people are like cars with broken engines, what caused their engines to break?

Answer: It could have to do with the family environment they grew up in. See also "Dumbed Down by "Education!"

Question: What's the most important Make-or-Break Issue (MBI) you've identified so far?

Answer: Over the years, I've identified quite a few MBI's. The first was helplessness. At the time I thought that people just had to overcome helplessness, and then success would follow.

One of my recent discoveries is what might be called the "Status Barrier." In order to feel OK about themselves, some people pretend that they know more, understand more, and are more competent than they really are. They pretend to have a higher status than they really have. This "false status" prevents people from asking questions (admitting ignorance), learning, understanding, and becoming more competent.

An excellent book on the topic: Status Anxiety by Alain de Botton.

For the most recent MBIs I've identified, see JBP's "Upgrade Your Brain," the "Big Business Breakthrough," and "Killer Success Tricks."

Question: I already feel overwhelmed be the sheer volume of this FAQ and the materials linked to; what can I do?

Answer: Go to "What's the difference?"

You can break down your forward progress into small steps, and take one small step at a time. See "One-Small-Step Booster."

Question: How can individuals discover exactly what's holding them back and where to start?

Answer: The answer could be found in the Basic Get-Real Success System (BGRSS).

Question: What if someone is not capable of reading the BGRSS materials?

Answer: Go to "What's the difference?"

An important factor is that many people can succeed in a job where a boss tells them what to do. They don't necessarily have to understand very much about their job. They may even be told: "I'm not paying you to think; just to do your job!" In many companies there are "procedures for everything." Employees just have to follow the procedures. They have bosses who ensure that the procedures are followed. If you don't "toe the line," you're fired.

The online environment is very different. There's no boss to tell you what to do. You have to think for yourself. There are hundreds of "gurus" selling stuff on how to become successful online. This may be similar to people selling "success books" -- the only ones making money are the ones who push the "success stuff!"

(Much of the power of JustBeenPaid! comes from its "Automated Guide" that essentially creates a "job-like environment" and tells members what to do next.)

Some animals, raised in captivity, can never learn to survive in the wild, if they are released. Similarly, some people "raised in jobs" may never be able to learn to succeed on the "wild Internet."

In most jobs you tend to get quick feedback when you do something wrong. You can use this to change your actions in accordance with what's expected of you.

On the Internet, you're faced with virtually infinite choices. Most of the actions you could take are wrong and don't work. When you take ineffective actions, "nothing" happens -- no feedback. How do you learn what works and what doesn't?

JustBeenPaid! training and Simpleology may provide the answers.

Another possible way to find out what's holding you back is to ask someone who knows you reasonably well to tell you.

Question: Are there examples of people who failed for a long time and then suddenly became successful?

Answer: Yes. Check out the Success Journeys of John Reese and Mike Dillard. (They may have experienced "creative leaps" -- see "What's the difference?")

Question: Isn't online success simply a case of acquiring the right tools and techniques and learning to use and apply them?

Answer: Yes... unless you suffer from MBIs that prevent you from using the tools and applying the techniques.

In a "job environment," you may succeed because the "company structure" and boss are stronger than your MBIs and can mostly override them. But on the Internet, you're in a different "wild territory" with no boss or company structure.

This brings to mind the issues of competence and "Success Threshold" -- see "Pay the Price to Rise Above Your Success Threshold." To become successful online, there's a "Price to Pay." It's up to you to find out what the "price" is and to invest the necessary effort to "pay" it.

Another important factor is that response rates on the Internet, generally, tend to be low. For example, when promoting something on a traffic-exchange program, it may require several thousand views of your splash page, to get one sign-up. Many people may give up before they've done "enough" of something to discover whether or not it works.

Much of online success comes from taking "Massive Action." You typically have to get more than a thousand people to see your marketing message, in order to get one signup. It's a "numbers game."

Question: What are the biggest mistakes people make?

Answer: The single biggest mistake may be that they don't operate in such a way that they progressively LEARN more and more about what works, what doesn't work, and what works best.

Another common mistake is that people don't "get their minds right." Mike Dillard says that 10% of success comes from mechanical execution; while 90% of success comes from "getting your mind right." You may want to check out the Success Journeys of John Reese and Mike Dillard to discover what they did (and do) to "get their minds right." For practical purposes, the typical 98% who fail to make money online, may suffer from "broken minds."

Many psychological studies have demonstrated that people tend to overestimate their levels of competence. And, the less competent people are, the more they tend to overestimate their competence. (One study found that 93% of college professors believed their job performance was above average!) You have to rise above your "success threshold." You may also be operating further below your "success threshold" than you think.

J. Lawrence Peter is famous for the "Peter Principle": "In a Hierarchy Every Employee Tends to Rise to His Level of Incompetence." In switching from making money working a job (often requiring low competence) to making money online (requiring a much higher level of competence), you may be trying to promote yourself "beyond your level of competence."

You may be able to raise your level of competence through JustBeenPaid! training and/or Simpleology.

Question: What about strategy and tactics?

Answer: You need an overall strategy that makes it possible for you to earn money, and to increase your earnings over time. If you're operating below your "success threshold," you need to find out what's holding you back and overcome it.

It may be worth looking at the strategy behind this page:

  1. It's self-replicating with customizable links, so anyone can use it to make money.
  2. It features programs that are likely to continue performing for many years (with the possible exception of some of the investment programs).
  3. For programs with member-to-member payments, there's no risk of the company running with your money. You also tend to get paid more quickly.
  4. Generally, the programs involve small risk combined with unlimited earnings potential.
  5. With certain programs (particularly matrices and most MLMs), early joiners enjoy huge advantages at the expense of late joiners. In general, this page avoids such programs, in favor of those where you're not at any significant disadvantage if you join "late." (However, if you think of investment programs having a limited life, then the later you join, the greater the risk.)
  6. The conference calls make it easier to get your questions answered, and can also help persuade your prospects to join your program(s).
  7. A most important part of the overall strategy is to provide the "98%ers" (people who usually fail to make significant money online) with the means to "upgrade" themselves so they can rise to above their "success threshold."

Looking over the above items, you may be able to see that they could be regarded as tactics within the overall strategy of making it easier for people to earn money online.

As an individual, you need a viable strategy to progress from where you are to where you want to go. (Jumping from program to program with the hope that you'll "find the right one that will make you rich," may not be a viable strategy.)

Asking the question: WHAT'S MISSING? may help you develop a viable strategy.

You may also want to ask: What's the single most important skill related to online moneymaking? You may want to have a quick look at the Basic Get-Real Success System (BGRSS) to identify it.

A viable strategy can also be developed by formulating a "General Success Formula," for example:

  1. What can I control and what can't I control?
  2. What's the best I can do right now?
  3. What difference will it make?
  4. Do it!
  5. What results did I produce by doing it?
  6. What can I learn from what I did and the results produced?
  7. What can I do differently, or what else can I do?
  8. How can I improve what I do?What should I not do?
  9. What's my biggest constraint (the factor that holds me back most)?
  10. Go to step 1.

(Acknowledgment: The above formula was partially inspired by Glen Brink.)

Question: Can you suggest any shortcuts to success?

Answer: Yes... Get lucky! Speed up your learning! See also "Get Expert Assistance."

There could be "One Thing" that holds you back more than anything else. Identify this single most important factor and fix it. See "Identify Your Most Important MBIs (or Personal Constraints) and Focus on Getting Unstuck from Those that Harm You Most!"

If you quickly skim through the Basic Get-Real Success System (BGRSS), you may find other shortcuts. (Hint: Look for "Idenics" and "EFT.")

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